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Violent Comix

Free Violent Comix from Gary Roberts. Update daily!

violent comix

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November 13 2008
Posted by Free Porn  [ 10:57 ]

Violent Comix is the only exclusive collection of the most infamous rape fantasy artist in the world, Gary Roberts, that is 100% sanctioned and supported by Gary, himself! See why he is considered to be the best of the best. the sickest of the sick. and the finest extreme and violent sex comic artist of all time!
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November 12 2008
Posted by Free Porn  [ 09:12 ]

Like violent sex comics with a storyline? Violent Comix shows you exactly how it happened, from the moment they meet to when the rapist has his cock deep in her ass while she screams for mercy! These are amazingly drawn, realistic, raw and violent forced sex comics, the likes of which you have NEVER seen before. THESE ACTS CANNOT BE CARRIED OUT IN REAL LIFE without someone going to prison!! JOIN NOW and find out why. You will see things that you will NEVER forget. Sick!!!
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November 11 2008
Posted by Free Porn  [ 20:22 ]

From the darkest rape scenarios to women being abused and tortured at the whims of their captors, Gary has cooked up some of the most extreme fantasies ever and illustrated them in lavish color, and created animations that are full-length features with full sound. All domination and rape niches are included: man on woman, woman on man, gang rapes, beast rapes, fucking with foreign objects, uniform domination, incest rape and more. Every fantasy, every taboo is brought to life in a way that it never could in reality.
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November 09 2008
Posted by Free Porn  [ 11:29 ]

If you think you have seen it all, think again. Gary Roberts has made a massive collection of sick porn animation and drawings, and the folks at violent comix have spent an insane amount of money getting exclusive rights to it all. You will not see this content anywhere else, and you will never forget what you have seen inside violent comix!
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November 08 2008
Posted by Free Porn  [ 21:04 ]

Gary is a legend, and with good reason. Not only is he an incredible illustrator, but he is also a very SICK mind, that comes up with scenarios and fantasies so twisted that even I, a jaded fan who thinks he has seen it all, have been shocked by his creations. Forget the Japanese, forget Anime and Hentai. Gary is the SICKEST of them all, and you will see why once you are inside.
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November 07 2008
Posted by Free Porn  [ 16:07 ]

If you don't already know who Gary Roberts is, be prepared to become a devout fan! Violent comix is a sexual domination site that features just his content. Drawings and animations of violent forced sex and humiliation from the GREATEST artist of all time!
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November 06 2008
Posted by Free Porn  [ 23:12 ]

This is the only site featuring ALL the works of legendary porn artist GARY ROBERTS, completely with his permission! Gary is the KING. The sickest. The granddaddy of rape fantasy comics and if you aren't familiar with his work, you will soon discover why he is as revered as he is
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November 05 2008
Posted by Free Porn  [ 12:16 ]

There are hundreds of animations within. cartoons that are so sick and violent that you will not believe your eyes. Gary is no longer a public figure, and once you see what he has come up with, you will understand why! Not only is regular rape and domination featured, but Gary pushes things to a whole new level of abuse.
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November 04 2008
Posted by Free Porn  [ 21:20 ]

Girls bleed, scream, cry and are shown no mercy. Not only are the drawings incredible, but also included is the text of the fantasies, as comics and also as full stories where Gary lays out every detail in its full graphic glory...
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November 03 2008
Posted by Free Porn  [ 11:23 ]

As if that was not enough, you also get his collection of sci-fi extreme porn, where women are fucked by aliens, strange creatures and more. Plus there is also a bonus section of non-animation violent porn. Rape videos and photos featuring live people rather than Gary's art. There is no site like this on the web that I have discovered yet. VIOLENT COMIX is truly unique and a great resource!
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